Witchy stater kit

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So here we have the elegant "Starter Kit "

There are 3 lovely bags in a large white organza bag..
Contents are....

  • Protection Mojo Bag.
  • Pendulum Chain.
  • Pentagram Amulet and chain.
  • 3ml 3rd eye oil.
  • 3ml protection oil.
  • 3ml grounding oil.
  • 3ml consecration oil.
  • Sacred Space Crystal Mist.
  • Sage incense.
  • Red Candle.
  • 5ml new moon Water.
  • Large clear crystal quartz.
  • Offering bag.
  • Blessed salts.
  • Good intention herbs.
  • Bad intention herbs.
  • Jar of yarrow.
  • Pyrographed Palo Santo stick.
  • User guide scroll that includes a fortune and luck working spell to start on.