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Yoni Eggs are beautifully hand craved from the highest quality semi-precious gemstones. They are traditionally known - have been used in ancient China for thousands of years. The Egg Practice is a profound journey of self-discovery for women. Yoni Eggs are for toning the pelvic floor muscles, which is great for pre-childbirth to help your muscles and post-childbirth to aid in faster recovery for your pelvic floor muscles. If you suffer from incontinence or have had any trauma to your sexual organs, or need to restore your hormonal balance these eggs and exercises are a wonderful aid.

Set of three Genstone Yoni Eggs

Small 20 *30

Medium 25*35

Large 30*45

How to use Yoni Eggs
Start with the largest crystal egg, then as your pelvic floor becomes stronger, work your way down to the smallest egg.

1, Lay flat & insert the widest end of your egg into your vagina. taking several deep breaths, allowing the string to hang down.
2, Relax with your Yoni egg for around 1 to 2 minutes
3, Start contracting your pelvic floor muscles, for around 30 seconds then rest & repeat the exercise 3 to 5 times.
4, Pull the string gently & remove egg slowly.
5, Wash with mild soap & water.

Now you have mastered your Yoni Eggs, use 3 time a week to maintain your pelvic floor.

*If using with products, clean carefully with mild soap. Handle is also made of stone and is very delicate, please take care when handling”

Colour and size variations may occur; hand shaped and made out of pure stone.

Yoni eggs are none exchangeable or refundable.