Browse Our Stylish Range of Timepieces and Wristwear for Men and Women

Make time for our range of wrist wear and timepieces, available in various sizes and suitable for men and women. From watches to bracelets, our functional and decorative wrist wear can be the perfect capper to your look.

A wearable timepiece with a Gothic design


We sell wristwatches and pendant/fob watches. All watches are handmade from the finest pewter, inset with quality quartz crystal movement, and beautifully finished with two-tone finishes, trans-enamel or Swarovski crystal.



We also sell bracelets, handmade from the finest pewter. The adjustable quality of the pewter means that one size fits all, and you can gently squeeze the bracelet to fit your wrist. Our range of designs takes inspiration from the fantastical, and is beautifully finished with Swarovski crystals and other elements.

Supplied by Alchemy England

All watches and bracelets are designed and handmade by Alchemy England, and are delivered in either a black flock presentation pouch, or an attractive black gift box. We also sell fine italian leather wrist straps.

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